Slow Cooked Moroccan Chicken with Cauliflower Couscous

Ofttimes, love of particular food is cultivated, not solely because of the food itself, but the tremendous power it has to evoke happy memories. For me, it’s the unique flavours of Morocco that bring back a flood of beautiful memories of my time spent in El Jadida. In particular, I think of the amazing meal I shared with a

Breakfast Sludge

While dad is happy with his bacon and egg fry up every morning, most days I just can’t face a cooked breakfast in this humid Summer weather. As muesli is pretty much off the agenda (as I’m not eating grains or dairy) a bowl of sludge is the answer. Ingredients 1/2 avocado 1 banana leaves

Cauliflower Hummus

Lately, whenever I go to the farmers markets with dad he sneaks a cauliflower into the basket. No, he doesn’t have a strange addiction to a particularly bland vegetable. He’s just trying to tell me that he’d really like me to make another batch of cauliflower hummus. It would appear that cauliflower is actually good for

Choc Mint Smoothie

I’ve got my step mum hooked on ‘sludge’ for breakfast. And to if I’m completely honest, I’m pretty addicted to it too. We mix it up and try different combinations but this batch was particularly good! Ingredients 1 banana (fresh or frozen) Leaves from 1 stem of Kale Small handful of freshly picked mint leaves

Mango Salsa

This colourful bowl of goodness tastes just as good as it looks.  I probably would have added avocado if I happened to have any, but I didn’t and it certainly wasn’t lacking. Ingredients Small handful of chopped red cabbage Half a red capsicum, diced 1 mango, diced Cherry tomatoes, halved Freshly picked coriander leaves 1/2 long

Coconut Prawns & Mango Salad

The arrival of mangoes at the markets officially marks the beginning of summer for me. In fact, I’d go so far as to say if summer was a food, it would be a mango. And while plenty delicious enough to enjoy on their own accord, they go a long way in jazzing up salads. Throw