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Enter Life Phase: Digital Nomad

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It is with great excitement (and a small dose of trepidation), that I find myself packing my life into boxes once again. Destination Bali… and beyond!

Just under 18 months ago I left the big smoke of Sydney, and my enviable locale in ‘The Shire’, for a not-to-be-passed-on offer to take up residence in Noosa Heads. Convincing my clients I could be just as effective working remotely, I threw myself into life on the Sunny Coast, simultaneously jumping on the coworking bandwagon.

While I’d visited Noosa many times before, it had always been in the guise of family vacation. I was therefore more than familiar with the glorious beaches and riverfront, the great spots to eat and drink, the endless stream of backpackers and general beach town vibe of the place. What I wasn’t expecting to find, was a bourgeoning digital and entrepreneurial scene, fostered through the various coworking spaces I adopted as my base of operations.

It quickly became apparent I’m not the only one who’s cottoned on to the fact you can live in paradise and maintain your city career. Increasing demand has meant that coworking has taken root in both Noosa and the wider Sunshine Coast at an impressive rate, with new spaces sprouting up quicker than anything I can seem to grow in my veggie patch. Not bad for a sleepy little beachside town in rural Queensland.

For the first 12 months, I worked at Duke Douglas (nee The Loft Project), an intimate ‘creative coworking’ office in Sunshine Beach. A typical day involved a half hour walk through the Noosa National Park to get to the office, a couple of visits to the coffee shop for the obligatory caffeine hit, a wander down to the beach for a swim at lunch and a happy hour taco or two at Mooshka’s to reward myself for a hard days work. Life was pretty good.

Earlier this year I moved to Junction2, a new purpose-built coworking space in Noosa Junction, my half hour walk to work was thus reduced to a 5 minute stroll down the hill. The space offered more by way of the other inhabitants, including graphic designers and developers, and at a cheaper rate I was willing (if not a little reluctantly) to forego my lunchtime swims, for a more vibrant and productive office environment.

While life here has been pretty darn great, the impulse to travel and explore the world while I’m young and unattached is far too strong. It’s time to take this working remotely thing to the next level and go international!

Enter life phase: Digital Nomad.

It’s one thing to move to a place you’re familiar with, where you’ve got family, especially a veritable paradise like Noosa. It’s quite another to jump on a plane to an unvisited foreign land with nothing but your laptop and a suitcase. Not that Bali is exactly the end of the earth. To most Aussies, Bali is Australia’s playground, the pace you go for schoolies, a cheap holiday and souvenir Bintang singlet. Nonetheless, it requires somewhat of a leap of faith leaving paradise, a near-perfect work life balance and great friends behind to start the next chapter…

Hubud, I’m coming for you!

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Stonefish Wines Rebrand

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About three years ago I was introduced to the larger-than-life Mr Peter Papanikitas, or Pap as he’s affectionately known to most. This energetic and passionate businessman gave me the fantastic opportunity to work on a modernisation of his successful Stonefish wine label, which has been somewhat of an ongoing project since mid 2012.

An updated label design for the seven original varietals has now been rolled out across the entire product range and already it’s success has spurred the addition of a number of new products including a ‘Reserve’ range and a line of wines targeted specifically to the Chinese market.

I am proud to have worked on developing such an iconic Australian wine label. It’s been very fulfilling to witness the growth and success of the brand over the past few years, hopefully a little of which can be attributed to my graphic design work on the new packaging.

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Juggle Street

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A number of years ago I was fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of David James, the then CEO of Brasserie Bread. He engaged me to work on a number of graphic design projects for the acclaimed artisan bread company, including a comprehensive product guide, branded bread boxes, POS signage and café menu.

Late last year he once again contacted me for my help with an exciting new startup he was launching called ‘Juggle Street’. The concept of which was to create a trusted online platform that connected busy families with local babysitters in real-time, to make finding a babysitter an easy process and one which ultimately strengthened neighbourhood networks.

Provided with an adorable set of characters and scenes created by a talented Melbourne-based animator,  I have worked closely with David and his team to bring the Juggle Street brand to life, through the design of various flyers, posters and signage. The latest projects have been the development of the UI for the Juggle Street mobile and desktop websites.

I am thrilled to be able to share the new Juggle Street website, which has just been launched after a website design sprint in Sydney last week. The site promotes the businesses pilot, launched in the Easter Suburbs of Sydney which has already gained a significant following from both families and sitters alike. It’s quick take-up is a true testament to the dedication of the Juggle Street team and the amazing concept they have created.

It’s been exciting, and a true pleasure to work on this project alongside the Juggle Street team and wish them all the success!

Juggle Street Desktop Website


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The Newbie

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This is the first time in my entire professional career that I’ve worked alongside other graphic designers and creatives. And boy is it refreshing! I stumbled upon The Loft Project early in the year but it wasn’t until I moved up here last month that I truly did any investigation into this funky creative co-working space in Sunshine Beach.

The crew that work at The Loft Project are a great bunch of guys doing some really awesome things for the entire creative community on the coast. A couple of weeks ago they organised a meetup to mark Global Entrepreneurship week, bringing together an eclectic bunch of startups, artists and creatives to start a discussion on collaboration.

I whipped up some limited edition wine labels specially for the event…

The Loft Project Wine Label

It’s such an inspiring place to work and I’m really looking forward to what’s in store next year!