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Enter Life Phase: Digital Nomad

It is with great excitement (and a small dose of trepidation), that I find myself packing my life into boxes once again. Destination Bali… and beyond!

Just under 18 months ago I left the big smoke of Sydney, and my enviable locale in ‘The Shire’, for a not-to-be-passed-on offer to take up residence in Noosa Heads. Convincing my clients I could be just as effective working remotely, I threw myself into life on the Sunny Coast, simultaneously jumping on the coworking bandwagon.

While I’d visited Noosa many times before, it had always been in the guise of family vacation. I was therefore more than familiar with the glorious beaches and riverfront, the great spots to eat and drink, the endless stream of backpackers and general beach town vibe of the place. What I wasn’t expecting to find, was a bourgeoning digital and entrepreneurial scene, fostered through the various coworking spaces I adopted as my base of operations.

It quickly became apparent I’m not the only one who’s cottoned on to the fact you can live in paradise and maintain your city career. Increasing demand has meant that coworking has taken root in both Noosa and the wider Sunshine Coast at an impressive rate, with new spaces sprouting up quicker than anything I can seem to grow in my veggie patch. Not bad for a sleepy little beachside town in rural Queensland.

For the first 12 months, I worked at Duke Douglas (nee The Loft Project), an intimate ‘creative coworking’ office in Sunshine Beach. A typical day involved a half hour walk through the Noosa National Park to get to the office, a couple of visits to the coffee shop for the obligatory caffeine hit, a wander down to the beach for a swim at lunch and a happy hour taco or two at Mooshka’s to reward myself for a hard days work. Life was pretty good.

Earlier this year I moved to Junction2, a new purpose-built coworking space in Noosa Junction, my half hour walk to work was thus reduced to a 5 minute stroll down the hill. The space offered more by way of the other inhabitants, including graphic designers and developers, and at a cheaper rate I was willing (if not a little reluctantly) to forego my lunchtime swims, for a more vibrant and productive office environment.

While life here has been pretty darn great, the impulse to travel and explore the world while I’m young and unattached is far too strong. It’s time to take this working remotely thing to the next level and go international!

Enter life phase: Digital Nomad.

It’s one thing to move to a place you’re familiar with, where you’ve got family, especially a veritable paradise like Noosa. It’s quite another to jump on a plane to an unvisited foreign land with nothing but your laptop and a suitcase. Not that Bali is exactly the end of the earth. To most Aussies, Bali is Australia’s playground, the pace you go for schoolies, a cheap holiday and souvenir Bintang singlet. Nonetheless, it requires somewhat of a leap of faith leaving paradise, a near-perfect work life balance and great friends behind to start the next chapter…

Hubud, I’m coming for you!

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