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Threads Project

One of the most rewarding aspects of moving from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast was the decision to base my freelance graphic design business at Duke Douglas, a co-working space for people in the creative industries.

Hoping to meet some people with similar interests and knowing that working from home was not going to be a long-term option, I made myself a permanent fixture at a funky little shared office space in Sunshine Beach.

Having other creative people around me has been both a source of inspiration and absolute procrastination. Not that I mind in the slightest. With such a creative energy about the place and someone always pitching the next big idea, it’s little wonder any client work gets done at all.

Threads Project is one such big idea recently brought to fruition through a cross-continent collaboration of entrepreneurs in South Africa and my humble little office space. The innovative project has the audacious goal of universally reshaping the creative consumer landscape.

As an emerging artist or maker, it can be a daunting and often unachievable task to turn a creative talent or product into a viable business, especially if there aren’t people on hand with the required marketing, branding, business and finance skills to make it happen.

As a result, many talented artisans are left to peddle their wares at local crafts markets, and unfortunately, as is most often the case, these inspiring creative talents remain as little more than a ‘hobby’.

Threads Project is out to change all that.

The powerful online platform is designed as a virtual hub for artists and makers to build and promote their brand, share skills and kick start collaborative projects with other creatives around the globe. It’s engineered as an organic and supportive springboard for creation to flourish.

It is hoped that by facilitating such a network, Threads Project will inadvertently help to reshape the merchant consumer relationship. No mean feat.

In South Africa, Threads Project has been taken one step further, with the launch of the first Threads Co-Retail space, giving vendors a physical space to showcase their product. Australia will soon follow, with the first Threads Co-Retail shop appearing at the Noosa Junction Alleyway festival in July.

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